Both international and local clients and business partners are probable to feel more comfortable if they see you as a canadian company.

We represent closely-held businesses in all aspects of their operation. We especially excel in long-term roles with business clients. We want to be there to serve owners and management as they address the challenges and opportunities involved in running a business. In short, we want to be your general outside counsel. Canada Virtual will help to organize your business immediately and without huge investments.

Many international firms choose Canada to open their foreign offices and subsidiaries. One of the reasons of this of such policy is safety of investments, possibility to run a profitable business in the low taxation environment.

Examples of Business Representation Services
  • Contract drafting, reviews, and negotiations
  • Joint Venture Agreements
  • LLC Operating Agreements, partnership agreements, shareholder agreements
  • Technology/Software/Product and intellectual property protection, licensing, and assignments
  • Business purchase and sales from strategy and options, Letters of Intent, and due diligence to Asset Purchase Agreements, Noncompetes, and closings
  • Independent contractor, officer/key employee compensation agreements
  • Lease drafting and reviews
  • Regulatory and legal compliance and audit representation
  • Phone consultations; and
  • Collections

You can either sign a contract with Canada Virtual for permanent representation services, or for one-time tasks. The amount of services, as well as the scope of representation, is chosen by you according to your needs. The same concerns the expiration date of the contract: it can last from three months to a year, with or without prolongation after expiration.

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Services Overview

Canada Virtual offers a variety of services covering almost every need of modern
businesses. Learn more about our services below.

Consulting & Advisory

Consulting & advisory services provide strategic thinking and advice on the most valuable ways to enhance your business effectiveness that Finance Group can offer to its clients (including business advisory and consulting).

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Representation Services

No matter where you do business in the world, you need a partner you can trust to keep you protected. We have the tools and services you need to make sure your entities are always compliant.

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Virtual Office

We offer your business flexible virtual office solutions, which provide your company with daily administrative support and physical facilities requirements without large, ongoing and unnecessary expenses.

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